I am an existing customer. How to add extra devices (Connections) to my subscription?

You can add up to 3 extra devices (Connections) to your current subscription.

You will get a 50% discount on each extra device (Connection). The extra device will be linked to your current subscription and you will be able to use the same subscription login details/ Playlist.

To add extra devices to exiting subscription, please follow the below steps: 

  • Login to your account.
  • Navigate to the top menu then select "Services".
  • Select "View Available Addons". 
  • Select the extra devices that you want, then complete the order. 

After you complete your order, any extra device (Connection) will be activated immediately and ready to use straight away.  

Note: You will use the same Playlist or subscription login details (Username, Password & URL).


  • How to add extra devices (Connections)
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