I would like to become a reseller/ dealer. What is the process?

Become a reseller with “All IPTV” and earn extra income through a partnership with us, our reseller’s offers are very simple and straight forward. Our prices, apps, services & streaming servers are the most powerful on the market and available worldwide (USA, Canada, Brazil, Europe, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand). 


Your customers will enjoy the best Arabic & English HD channels including all premium content and a wide selection of the latest Arabic & English Series and Movies.

 We will provide you with an IPTV Panel Dashboard with automated & instant provisioning system to add, manage, activate & renew the subscription for your customers.


Please keep in mind, some resellers are making a net profit from $300 to $500 USD per day. Don’t miss this opportunity! 


Work from home and start earning money as main or additional income!

Just you need Laptop or Smart Phone to run this business … That’s All!


Reseller Account Benefits:

  • Start with low investment $500 (This amount will be added as a credit to your account immediately). 
  • Activate the subscription from your credit at any time. 
  • Add credit to your reseller account at any time. 
  • 50% discount on all listed prices!
  • Full control for your customers.
  • Add unlimited Sub-Resellers.
  • Add unlimited Customers.
  • Add, renew, enable & disable your customer subscription.
  • Automatic subscription provisioning to your customers.
  • Instant activation to your customers.
  • Ability to provide 24H free trail to your customers!
  • Technical Support 24X7X365.
  • Support all devices. 
  • Account Manager to support your requirements and needs.
  • Our account manager will give you a full train


To Order Reseller Account, please use the below link and you will receive your immediate access within 5 minutes.





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